Collect Club Fees and Forms Effortlessly

Omella is an easy-to-use platform for Clubs that lets you accept anything from a $1 in donation to a $10,000 fees or various club forms saving you credit card fees and 100’s of hours per month.

Payment Plans
Ticket sales
Digital signatures

Omella’s All-in-one Solution for Clubs

Built from ground up keeping in mind Clubs’ needs

  • Collect One-time & recurring payments
  • Fundraising
  • Easy Reporting
  • Ready-to-use form templates and much more

Easy reporting for Clubs

Better experience for Clubs Owners and Members

  • Eliminate pen, paper, and multiplecomplex software
  • Access and share reports with colleagues via Google Sheets
  • Complete digital experience

Ready-to-use Club Form Templates

Easy to use one-click form templates for data collection

  • Membership forms
  • Payment request forms
  • Fundraising forms and much more!

Designed for Clubs

We created Omella after speaking with hundreds of Club owners. Each of them had the same consistent frustrations: managing the administrative tasks takes a lot of time and comes with expensive fees. That's why we built Omella - it's designed to save you time and money, so you can focus on leading your club.

Whether you're collecting membership fees, gathering enrollment information, fundraising, or collecting member signatures, you can do it all on Omella.

- Brett and David Kopf, Omella Founders (and creators of!)

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Focus on your mission, not collecting money.

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