August Calendar Fundraiser Template

Automate impactful Calendar Day Sale fundraisers with Omella, an all-in-one payments, forms and signatures platform for mission-driven organizations like K-12 Schools, Microschools, PTA's, PTO's and Boosters, Clubs, Small Businesses, and Non-profits.

A calendar fundraiser is a type of fundraiser where you sell each day of a month for an amount equal to that day. For example, on May 15th, you would sell that day for $15. 

The key details are:

  • Each day of the month is sold for an amount equal to the date. So May 1st is sold for $1, May 15th is sold for $15, etc.
  • This allows you to raise a significant amount of money, as the later dates in the month can sell for higher amounts.
  • It engages supporters by allowing them to "purchase" a specific date that may hold significance for them.

If you’ve run one, you know (and if you haven’t, you can probably imagine) the amount of work that goes into running a Calendar Day Sale offline! With Omella, you can automate the entire process, give donors a modern way to pay online and avoid fees, so you keep everything you collect! 

Here are some things you can do on Omella:

  • Customization: Brand your page to reflect your organization's identity and the specific theme of your sale, enhancing donor engagement.
  • Each day can only be purchased once: This feature is often missing with online donation platforms but it is what makes a calendar fundraiser a calendar fundraiser - once someone buys a day, it’s gone!
  • Ease of Payment: Integrate one-click payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay, making it convenient for supporters to contribute.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Access instant reports on your fundraising performance, enabling you to track progress and make informed decisions.
  • Goal bar and supporter feed: Omella’s calendar fundraiser template is free and comes with a built-in goal bar and supporter feed to encourage more giving.
  • Automated email receipts: On Omella, you can customize your receipts with thank-you messages and donation tax write-off information, such as your organizations EIN.

By using Omella’s Free Calendar Fundraiser Template, you're not just organizing an event, you're creating an opportunity for your community to come together and support your cause in a timely and fun way! This approach not only raises funds but also builds a stronger connection between your organization and its supporters.

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