Feature Update: Long Answers & Multiple Choice

Feature Update: Long Answers & Multiple Choice

January 9, 2023
Deepak Jain

Earlier this month we rolled out the ability to upload files & documents. Now we are back with two more feature updates 🎉

  1. Long Answers - Organizers can now collect more info right within Omella forms - paragraphs, stories, essays, etc
  2. Multiple Choice - Many of you asked for an option to add multiple choice questions. We listened!

Long Answers:

With long answers, you can now accept longer responses with text or paragraph (5,000 character limit). Next time you think your question needs a longer answer, feel free to use the 'Long Answer'.

Multiple Choice:

Next is the multiple choice. To create multiple choice questions, simply select the 'Multiple Choice' option from the + button dropdown on Omella's page editor.


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