Updated Payment Plan Options

Updated Payment Plan Options

May 23, 2023
Deepak Jain

We made it easier to set up monthly subscriptions or payment plans! Offering payment plans for large payments like tuition, invoices or other fees helps manage your cash flow while giving your payers flexibility. As an example, if you are charging for tuition a payer can pay $10,000 up front or $1,000/mo for 10 months.

Simply enter the monthly amount you want to charge and click the dropdown to select the frequency.

💵Subscriptions: Enter the amount and select Month or Year. We automatically charge until you or the payer tells us to stop (Think of it like Netflix Subscription - you’re charged every month until you opt out of it).

💳Payment plans: Enter the amount and select Custom Frequency. You tell us how many months to charge by clicking on the “Ending after” toggle. We automatically charge and end after the last payment number is processed (Think of it like a membership for a predefined period).

📧Automated emails: To avoid any last minute surprise, we send an email reminder before processing each payment.

💡We charge a 0.5% on every subscription or payment plan transaction. You can read more on our pricing page here.

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