Tuition Payments
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Omella lets you collect your tuition payments so you can focus on your learners and the long list of other important things you need to manage while running a microschool, preschool or daycare.

🤔 Think of Omella as your administration hub where you can manage registration forms and payment, release forms, pick-up authorization forms and tuition. You and your busy families will love the flexibility and ease of use. You can offer a one time payment or recurring installments where the payment is deducted automatically each month.

Our Microschools love that they can give their families this option. Most parents can't afford to make a $10,000 annual tuition payment all at once. By allowing them to set up auto-pay of $1,000 monthly with no interest charges, it makes it easier for parents and organizers. Parents don't need to remember to pay each month and the Microschool administrator doesn't have to chase down families for tuition. Less hassle and more on-time tuition payments equals happy parents and administrators. It's a win-win🙌

💰 How to collect tuition on Omella

Here's a guide by Omella’s Co-founder, Brett. In this video tutorial, he walks you through the easy steps of collecting tuition payments. Learn how to create, customize, and share a payment template tailored to your school's needs. If you charge the same price per student, offer variable pricing, discounts, or have families who pay for multiple children, this video will help. It also explains the time-saving features like custom invoices, personalized payment plans, and auto reminders.


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